The idea of COMPASS was first born out of an experience of two decades of pioneer involvement in planting a local church. We have seen God at work and He has instilled in us a desire to invest our time, energy and resources into churches and church leaders who will take God at His Word for the growth of His Church.

Economic and Political Situation

Poland is an eastern European country with a long history of suffering and perseverance. It experienced a golden age in the 16th century. It went through dark times during the communist era. Since the collapse of communism in 1989 things have been improving politically and economically. Poland’s access to the European Union in 2004 opened avenues for many significant changes.

The Spiritual Climate of Poland 

In spite of its pervasive religiosity Poland needs spiritual leaders. We need people committed to God who understand times in which they live and set the course of events. What we need is authentic Christianity with more healthy churches and healthy biblical leadership.


The COMPAS project exists only because of the gracious support of people who care deeply about the church in Poland. Support »


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