We Search for, Equip, and Support New Church Leaders

  • Godly, capable, and teachable
  • Relational in essence
  • Building connections with others
  • Long-term cooperation

We Assist Current Church Leaders 

  • (Re)casting the vision
  • Networking
  • Sharing resources

We Help Revitalize Small Churches

  • Assessment 
  • Vision of the church (for the church?)
  • Team work

We Help to Get New Church Plants Started 

  • Diversified
  • In different parts of Poland
  • Spirit of cooperation
  • Long-term commitment

To fulfill our mission

  • we search for young, potential leaders willing to connect with us
  • we seek to establish partnerships with a group of churches and church leaders who share our vision
  • we put in place a plan for training and developing current and potential leaders
  • we deploy new leaders for church planting and church leadership roles that will be a “perfect fit” for them
  • we develop a budget and raise the necessary funds to support this ministry